Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Thank you to all of you that helped out for Family Fun Day. I think it was a great success and it is a testament to how great our club is. Special thanks to John Brubaker who was an organizational superstar! You did a great job and now you can get that two hours back on Friday--at least for a little while. Also special thanks to Lea who did a lot of work prior to the event with sponsorships and housing materials temporarily. You can tell Troy, he can have his garage back. Kitty--great job with the entertainment--the kids were outstanding and it was a great addition. Tammy, the kids events were great--and you get to be freed up tomorrow from the presidency--sorry Joe.

Speaking of Joe, thanks also to our food crew--Joe, Conrad, Stan and all the volunteers--you think the day was hot, you should have been behind the stove. Thanks to BIll Old for the idea about the kites and all his other input--definitely think that was a winner--even though there was no breeze. Thanks to Charles for the croquet courts and all the work controlling that event. Thanks to Candace, Bill North, and JJ for all their ability to just get things done. It was great working with all of you.

Hey, let's do it again next year!

Best and thanks my friends,

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